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Your Supply Chain

Our goal is to go above and beyond the call for our customers. Focused Solutions LLC is committed to helping our customers with their Supply Chain Management needs. We have sought out freight partnerships to offer our customers the best discounts available. We have cold room storage for those items with specific temperature requirements and even offer smaller customers a stocking program to help with certain product minimums or space/storage issues. For those customers who worry about lean manufacturing, we are adept and agile enough to embrace JIT stocking and consignment programs. We are here to help. Give us a call 800-558-0604 or email us (sales@focusedsolutionsllc.com) to see how we can solve your unique supply chain needs.
  In keeping with our commitment to surpass your performance expectations, Focused Solutions LLC is uniquely positioned to not only enhance your supply chain - but become it.

We all face the same competitive pressures in the market - whether it is local inventory support, lot certification, responding to lean manufacturing requirements or logistical challenges. For over 25 years, we have gone head to head with some of the largest competitors in our field - and held our own. Our flexibility and agility has enabled us to develop innovative and responsive supply and support mechanisms - tailored to each customer.

So if you ... Link to Focused Solutions LLC for unparalleled support.